Our Sponsors

We are very grateful to our current and future sponsors:


A Rebellious Change for Good

We're thrilled that Rebel Yell, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and World Riders Foundation are partnering to raise funds for our mission: To build, fund and sustain schools for orphans in developing nations. From now until the end of August, Rebel Yell will donate a portion of all sales of Rebel Yell bourbon in Minnesota and Iowa to World Riders Foundation. Please support us, and our rebellious change for good by buying Rebel Yell Bourbon at your local retailer. Please enjoy responsibly. And never, ever drink and ride. 


Greens, Iowa

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Peoples Insurance Agency

Founded in 1982, Peoples Insurance Agency is a family owned and operated Independent Insurance Agency providing insurance solutions to individuals and business owners in 47 states. The board of directors consists of Joe, Kathy, Jason, Jarvis, and Joshua Whitinger. Peoples Insurance Agency's vision is to be the nation’s premier professional insurance and risk management advisors. 



Renomads specializes in vertical building, remote projects, and creative construction endeavors. Whether its condos or ranches, timber or concrete, rough or finish, they do it all!  Renomads small team of tradesmen are multi-skilled work horses. You’ll be proud you’ve chosen Renomads for your project.