Mission Statement

We wanted to take today, Thanksgiving, to provide a little bit of background on how we got to be here, doing a charity ride.

Brothers Seth (25) & Ross (27)

Brothers Seth (25) & Ross (27)

It all started with a motorcycle ride.....

We met Mike Haley (founder of World Riders Foundation) about 5 or 6 years ago. At the time, Seth (my brother) and I were studying at our individual Universities and Mike had recently (2009) returned from a transcontinental motorcycle ride from Minnesota to Argentina.   When we heard about his experience, we were enamored with the idea. 

It took us a few years to finally get here, on the road, making our own adventure, but it is now happening real time.   Mike also took a few years to make sense and find a way to best apply what he learned and felt about his experience and formed World Riders Foundation(WRF) about three years ago.  

We have three goals for our ride/project.  1) Raise a dollar for every mile each of us rides, 100% of which will be put to work immediately on the Boda Boda Project, 2) Raise awareness of the privileged life each of us live, being born in a place like the USA, and ideally create self-motivation and a shift in the conscience choices of individuals within societies like ours, 3) Build a model/brand/platform with WRF which other motorcycle enthusiasts can easily duplicate in their individual way/trip to also fund raise. 

To accomplish these goals, we are providing viewers with written, photo, and video information of our trip on this website, as well as, Facebook, Instagram, and weekly check-ins with a local Des Moines radio station, Lazer 103.3.

Prior to leaving for our trip, Seth spent the last two months wrapping up the loose ends of our business, Renomads LLC. Renomads, in our absence, is being managed by Alex Covington, a highly skilled and quality carpenter who we trust.  Meanwhile, I began trying to figure out how we could incorporate WRF into our adventure motorcycle ride in a way that would make sense to viewers and would motivate them to give a little from their lives to make big changes in others’ lives.

After formulating a plan, I reached out to the local NBC station, WHO13, and local newspapers.   At the same time, I wrote sponsorship proposals to large corporations (none of which positively responded, in fact, most wouldn’t even hang a poster up), and approached local businesses about their opportunity to pair themselves with our humanitarian minded goal.  We ended up receiving sponsorships from four local business's totaling $4,000.00, in return, our bikes bear their logos (lots of room left) and will be seen in most photos and videos. These businesses are: People’s Insurance Company, Big Barn Harley Davidson, The Roof Depot, and Renomads LLC.   Again 100% of these sponsorships went directly to WRF's cause because Seth and I are self-financing the trip.  

We hoped to generate $20,000.00 in corporate sponsorships or commitments prior to departure from Des Moines. This would have given us the ability to tell the public that every dollar they donated would get matched by our sponsors.

Currently, we have raised just over $6,000 and are now relying on our ability to engage the public by telling and showing our story and adventures.  We are doing this with a good Nikon camera, a single GO-PRO with a few mounts, one phone with an international no limit data plan, and our business Laptop.   I would have liked to pack a drone and a couple more GO-PROS, extra Batteries and mounts, and a nicer computer with better editing software, however, as we are self-financing the project, we are a tight budget already.  For example: we opted for the lower end enduro Honda bikes, xr650l’s, not the twin Africa/BMW adventure bikes.... Also, we are choosing to camp as much as possible to save costs.

Seth and I are used to living on the cheap.  We have learned we must make sacrifices to do the things we want to do, this trip being just one example.  We have chosen lives of learning and passion over letting the almighty dollar dictate the course of our lives.  

Tomorrow we will arrive in Laredo, Texas. It is just 1 of the 48 legal border crossings.  The next 18,000 miles and six months will be extremely challenging as we face many obstacles in our way, the largest, in our opinion, being the language barrier.  However, we know the growth we will experience from these challenges will far exceed the hardship.  At the end of the day, the hardship is what makes the good moments so much sweeter.

We invite you to ride along with us on our journey and if you feel the call to challenge yourself, don’t hesitate. Life passes by to quickly!

Please feel free to share our story with others (the easiest way by clicking the “share to Facebook icon” below).  We feel the goal that is set is not just Seth and I’s, but OUR goal as a privileged people. Accept the challenge, set the example, and achieve OUR goals!

Enchanted Rock, Fredericksburg TX... 7am Thanksgiving Morning 

Enchanted Rock, Fredericksburg TX... 7am Thanksgiving Morning 

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