- 50% Completed -

Mityana, Uganda
Beginning January 2017

Our first project is transforming the Good Care Children's Ministry (GCCM) orphanage in Mityana, Uganda into an academy with safe living quarters and a primary school. The orphanage is run by Violet Scovia, a smart, strong, and deeply compassionate woman dedicated to saving and providing for orphans. The GCCM has a strong base for World Riders Foundation to build on.  The orphanage property has shells of classrooms and dormitories built. We will be finishing those structures and making several additions. Please scroll down to read project details.

* Boda Boda is a term used for motorcycles and motorcycle taxis in East Africa. Boda Boda had it's origin in riders asking to go 'border to border.'


Step One: Build a well on the orphanage property.

They currently source cooking, cleaning and drinking water from a hand dug cistern well a quarter mile from the orphanage at the bottom of a valley. Runoff from rains fills the cistern as it courses down the valley slope. It is disease ridden, dirty water. While we were there in August, Timothy, one of the caretakers contracted typhoid from contact with the water.  The orphanage has a rain catchment system that provides them with better, safer water, but it doesn’t come close to being a sufficient source. A reliable well is an essential first step.

Violet Scovia (left) in blue slacks, Mike Haley (rear, white shirt), WRF founder, and Timothy (rear), caretaker with a group of orphans at the cistern well.

Step Two: Finish construction on existing buildings.

There is one finished building on the orphanage grounds and three buildings that need completing. We will pour concrete floors, plaster walls inside and out, build new roofs and hang ceilings. Finally, we will add doors and windows to both the school and dormitory buildings. See image above.

Step Three: Build a new kitchen, add plumbing and electricity.

The current orphanage kitchen is a tiny shack with an earthen wood burning stove. By our standards it is barely sustainable. But Violet and her team have adapted and make it suit their most basic needs.  We will raze the current kitchen, build a new brick & plaster kitchen with a concrete floor and fit it out with electricity, refrigeration, running water and a wood burning stove.  

The current kitchen (upper left) will be torn down and replaced with a brick and plaster building with concrete floors, running water and electricity, just about where the mound of debris and wood are in the foreground (right)

For toilets the children use holes cut in a concrete floor. There is no waste disposal at the present time. We will also add running water, showers and toilets with proper sewage disposal to the dormitory buildings. 


Step Four: Pave the orphanage courtyard.

Today the courtyard is earthen. Uneven, unsafe. It turns into a muddy, slippery mess when it rains. Paving the courtyard will give the orphanage a much safer area for the kids to gather and play.

Step Five: Furnish the classrooms and dorms.

Tables, chairs, desks, beds, storage, blackboards. Everything. They currently have next to nothing.


Step Six: Sustain the newly named Academy and Orphanage with monthly support for all needs.

Provide Violet Scovia, the orphanage director, her teachers and support staff with living salaries. Provide the kids with clothing, access to medical care and all the supplies they need for their school needs. Provide the new Hope Academy with financial sustenance on an ongoing basis.


November 25th 2017 Update


Step One: Acquire a 3 hectare (over 7 acres), piece of land on Lake Wamala.  

The land is arable and already has crops of yams, bananas and maize growing on it. It is an ideal location for a larger school, with both primary and secondary classes and a larger orphanage.

Step Two: Begin construction on a larger Academy & Orphanage. 

Build everything from the ground up. Administration buildings, dorms and classrooms for up to 300 children, housing facilities for staff. Kitchens and dining hall. Playing fields including a soccer pitch.