The Maasai Project

We are currently raising funds for this project and construction will happen in the near future.

The Maasai are unique because they've held on tightly to many of their traditions. For example, their houses that the women construct, dietary restrictions, and their strong love of cattle to name a few.  

Maasai also understand the importance of education in todays society for the future of their children.  They deeply want to improve the temporary school structure that is in place now. 

The current classrooms are made of tin walls sitting on dirt.  It is not ideal for the kids due to the high winds and heat, as well as being dangerous during the rainy season with all the rain and lightening. 

We're going to build enough permanent classrooms for a full primary school, a new kitchen, and dig a new clean water well.  It's going to be fun! 

With a new permanent brick and mortar school the Maasai will be able to invite more kids from the villages to attend classes and provide a nice environment conducive to learning!