MIKE HALEY | Founder

Mike traveled on motorcycle from Minnesota to the southernmost city in South America, Ushuaia, Argentina. It turned out to be a transformative journey. A family friend suggested he visit an orphanage in Cordoba, Mexico. The five days he spent there with the kids was an impressionable experience. In spring 2016, he founded World Riders Foundation. Read more of Mike's story here.


BOBBI PEACOCK | Director Of Passion & Board Member

Growing up poor and, at one time homeless with her family, Bobbi was brought up knowing that people who help people in need make a difference. She vowed to give back when she could. She owns a production company, home and is raising three beautiful girls. She and her daughters started working with the homeless in Tucson, AZ in 2010, and after moving to MN, took up that passion with St. Stephen’s Homeless Shelter Coalition leading fall jacket drives. The jacket drives expanded into collections of all cold weather clothing and now the shelter is able to meet the winter clothing needs of their entire client base. Bobbi and her daughters are passionate about helping those in need.



SARAH GREER | Board Member

If you are ever fortunate enough to meet Sarah Greer you will instantly learn that she is the embodiment of love. Sarah loves love and it radiates thru her very essence. It is quite magical to feel. From age 15 on Sarah has spent half of her life travelling the world. Sharing so much time in many cultures with a variety of locals, who became friends, Sarah eyes were opened up to seeing the lack of options many people have. After one trip in particular, living in Central America, Sarah went to photography school so she could hone in on her skills of capturing people and cultures she experienced and sharing those moments with others. Sarah has a photography business in Portland, Oregon shooting portraits and weddings but she is most passionate about working with kids and helping them get an education to further their growth and life options.



Tiffany is known as one of the foremost leading female adventure riders in the world. For the past 20 years she has ridden across every continent and has run a variety of tours from London to Beijing, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Reigning from England she has an uncanny ability to sniff out the perfect cup of tea in every town and is sure to instill your confidence with her vast global experience. Tiffany leads the World Riders Foundation tour in Uganda and is excited to meet you!   tiffanystravels.com.uk




WRF RIders.jpg

The Naylor Brothers

With a one year age difference, Ross and Seth have spent most of their conscience hours together. Natives of Ankeny, Iowa, the brothers were raised to apply passion and hard work to their endeavors.   Ross excels in his ability to problem solve and is also a risk taker.   Seth is compassionate, organized, and driven. Together they accomplish goals.

Not shy of challenge the two started Renomads.com (A successful traveling construction and renovation company) after working and living in Australia, Southeast Asia, and across the United States. Renomads recently completed its biggest project to date and Ross and Seth have decided to embark on a new kind of challenge. They are doing a 20,000 mile adventure motorcycle ride to the southern most tip of the world! As if that isn't enough, the brothers are raising $1per mile on their trip to go toward building schools at orphanages.  Show your support and Follow their trip here: RideWithUs

Mike (WRF Founder) and the boys met a few years back. The brothers were immediately enamored with the idea on riding motorbikes to the end of the world.  As the three’s relationship grew, Mike’s purpose was pressed into the boys hearts.  “We found our purpose in enabling the good of others.”